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The M&M Across Catalonia is a non-competitive cycling activity, organized by M&M Gravel Grinder under the legal entity Bernat Buch Boadas, from Friday 17 May 2024 to Sunday 19 May 2024, with departure from Vielha and arrival in Santa Susanna. ​




The proposed format is NON-COMPETITIVE. It is not a march or a race. It is a personal challenge offered through the M&M Gravel Grinder where each participant is obliged to respect at all times the Road Safety Law and the Traffic Regulations in force in Spain, as well as any other regulations in force during the route designed by the Organisation. At no time does he have special priority over any of the other road users. Road safety to be taken into account during the test is developed in point 8 of the Regulations. ​ There are no bibs, but if they are, the identifying elements of the participants will be mandatory, for their safety and for the development of the event. Attaches to the bicycle, personal and non-transferable identification for the participant and his bicycle. They will also be carrying a tracker or geo locator delivered to the cyclist's bag, subject to a deposit of 50 euros, refundable at the end of the event and upon returning the same geo locator. The online monitoring of all participants will be through the page, being able to follow their progress on the interactive map on the website

3. ROUTE ​


The route will start in the town of Vielha and end in Santa Susanna. Each participant must be fully aware of the difficulty of the course and their physical conditions to face it. The route is self-sufficient. No outside assistance is allowed, meaning each participant must manage their own food, drink and sleep during the test. Participants have 48 hours to complete the test. The route is not marked on the ground, participants must follow the track that the organization will make available to them before the event. It is the responsibility of each participant to load their GPS track and follow the route it indicates. Failure to do so is grounds for disqualification. It will be mandatory to follow the route marked by the track. In addition, the organization can establish checkpoints (CP) if it deems it necessary, which will be properly signposted. The sections of the route that pass through roads or towns will not be closed to traffic, so you must follow and respect the general traffic rules or the instructions of the organization. The organization may make the changes it deems appropriate to the route, including the suspension of the test, if the weather conditions so advise, or for other reasons of force majeure. In this case and once the departure is made, the registration rights will not be returned. If it is necessary to make changes to the route, the decision will be announced during the week before the test through social networks and the official web page of the test. If it is necessary to interrupt and cancel the event at a point on the course, the classification will be determined according to the order and time of arrival at the point of interruption. If it is necessary to suspend the event before the scheduled date and more than 15 days in advance of the departure date, a partial refund of the registration fee will be made. The percentage of this refund will depend on the date of suspension and the expenses already incurred. If the cancellation is during the last 15 days before the event, and for reasons beyond the control of the organization, no refund will be made. There will be a cut-off time at one point on the route.



Given the self-sufficiency nature of the test, each participant must provide for the amount of food and drink they consider necessary to be able to complete the route day by day. The organization will not set up refreshment points. It will not be allowed to receive external help, that participant who receives it will be disqualified. It is allowed to buy food, drink, spare parts, consume in bars and restaurants and stay in hotels or hostels. ​



The mandatory material may vary at the discretion of the organization and according to the weather forecast. Any changes will be communicated to participants in advance.

Mandatory material will be checked at departure and arrival, and at any random point during the event.

- Helmet

- Thermal blanket with a minimum surface area of ​​1 x 2 m

- Thermal shirt

- Waterproof jacket

- Sleeping bag or survival bag (*this bag does not replace the thermal blanket)

- Whistle

- Water tank (drums or bottles)

- Food reservations

- Documentation

- ID card or passport

- GPS with the test track, GPS charger or spare batteries. Mobile phone switched on throughout the test and with charger.

- Tracking device (GPS) - provided by the organization

- Service guide - provided by the organization

- Lighting and visibility

- Front light with spare battery or charger

- Spare front light, can be a light front

- Flashing red rear light. Mandatory to keep it on during the night.

- Vest or reflective body tape. Mandatory to wear it at night. ​


Spare parts equipment:

- 2 cameras

- Patches

- Removable

- Multitool

- Dismount chains


Chain pin ​ Emergency kit:

- 2 monodoses of physiological serum

- 2 sterile pads

- 2 sterile dressings for wounds and scratches

- sunscreen

- pain relievers

- swordsman

- elastic vein

- quick stitches ​


Recommended material:

- solar or dynamo chargers

- external batteries (power bank)

- bikepacking bags

- bivouac cover

- spare clothes

- winter clothes

- cuffs and leggings

- vaseline


If necessary, the organization may modify the mandatory material. The change will be notified to participants sufficiently in advance. You are not allowed to receive or return material to any external support. Material may not be abandoned. It will be mandatory to have the front light and the rear red light on according to natural light conditions.


The event is open to all athletes over the age of 18 on the day of the test. By registering, you know and accept without reservation these regulations. Registered participants confirm that they are fully informed of the format and characteristics of the M&M and are aware of the length, difficulty and physical demands of the test. They confirm that they have the knowledge, experience, material and physical and psychological level necessary to face and overcome possible problems related to the demands of a long-distance non-stop event. ​


By registering, the participant acknowledges that they know and accept these regulations. Participation in the overall set of participants is limited to a number that will be determined and exposed at the time of the opening of registrations. For obvious safety reasons and the natural environment in which the test takes place, the number of participants is limited. ​ The organization reserves the right to expel from the M&M Across Catalonia those participants whose behavior hinders or interferes with the correct development of the event.



There will be authorized and identified personnel who will ensure the safety of the participants. It is mandatory to follow the directions of this staff. In case of abandonment, it is necessary to communicate this as soon as possible to the staff of the organization through the telephone number provided by the organization.


Except in the event of an accident, the organization is not responsible for the transfer of the participant to the departure, arrival or control point for participants who leave.


Once the withdrawal has been communicated, the participant must return the GPS device provided by the organization.


From that moment he will be out of the test and will assume any responsibility arising from the abandonment. In case of emergency evacuation, the organization must be notified to activate the corresponding protocol.


The organization may withdraw from the event or temporarily stop, at its discretion, participants who have obvious physical problems that could endanger their health. Participants are obliged to help the injured or those who need it. Failure to comply with this rule will result in disqualification.



Registration and payment will be made through the event website and following the registration form.


Registrations are personal and non-transferable. In no case and under no circumstances can registrations be transferred.


Participants must leave a deposit of €100 when collecting the number, which will be returned to them when they return the GPS device. Registrants may cancel the registration and receive a partial refund of the participation amount for any reason that makes it impossible for them to compete in the event on the stipulated date. The amount that will be returned to the participant who cancels the registration will be 80% of the total if he does it up to 2 months before the event and 50% if he does it up to 20 days before the event; plus registration management costs (3.5%). Cancellations from 20 days before the event will not be refunded.


Once the return request is made, that registration will belong to the organization, which will offer it to the next participant on the waiting list. In no case can the person requesting the return choose their substitute. ​


To formalize the registration, on the day of collection of the participant's bag, participants must present their ID, passport or equivalent document for foreign participants. ​




Before departure, a material check will be carried out. There will be a verification of the mandatory material. Those participants who do not have the mandatory material or who present it as defective or unusable, will not be able to wait for the start.



- Do not go through exit control

- Not following the test track

- Change or transfer the number to another person

- Cut the route - Receive external help

- Use a means of transport other than the bicycle

- Not helping other participants who need it

- Violations against the environment

- Disobey the instructions of the organization, controllers or doctors

- Unsporting behavior towards the rest of the participants or organization

- Exceed the time limit

- Refuse to receive a material inspection ​



- Throwing rubbish in non-authorized areas: 2h

- Lack of mandatory material: 1 hour for each

- Leaving material: 2h



All participants must carefully observe the provisions of the road safety law and its regulations. The route takes place almost entirely on tracks and paths, but at some points we will cross or use roads open to traffic, where we will have to take extreme caution or strictly comply with traffic rules. ​


The organization is not responsible for any accident that may be caused or victimized by the participant, caused by a reckless or irresponsible action on their part, nor is it liable for the costs of the debts that the participants may incur during the 'event, nor of the damages or breakdowns that may be suffered by the bicycles or other equipment of the participants.

The participant exempts the organization from responsibility for loss or deterioration of personal items due to any circumstance. ​ The bib number assigned to each participant is non-transferable, and cannot be transferred to any other person without prior knowledge and authorization from the organization of the test. 

At M&M Across Catalunya, the organization will not provide any type of insurance and is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage to you or third parties.


It is mandatory to have insurance and therefore you must take into account that it must cover: ​

- Cycling both day and night.

- Keep in mind that all responsibility rests on you.

- The insurance must explicitly include: death and good medical coverage for a minimum of 6 months.

- If you are from a country outside the event, the insurance must cover the extraction and repatriation.

The participant knows that adequate previous training is required and that they do not have any injury that could be aggravated as a consequence of the completion of the test, so pre-registration implies the express recognition by the person who performs it of meeting both conditions, exempting to the organization of any liability derived from non-compliance with all of the above.


In any case, each participant in the test assumes the health consequences that may arise from their participation in the test, exempting the organization of the same from any type of responsibility that may arise for this reason. Likewise, he is responsible for the state of his physical condition, for knowing the route and the physical demands it entails, for the medical check of his health, for the damages that could be caused by his participation, assuming personally the inherent health risk posed by the effort required for participation.



One of the goals and wishes of the M&M is to show the wealth of landscape and nature that the natural parks of Montnegre and Corredor and Montseny have. Demonstrating that enjoying these places can be compatible with active tourism activities is one of our goals. ​ The route takes place for the most part through natural areas, so it will be everyone's responsibility to preserve the environment, it being terminally forbidden to throw rubbish outside the control areas. In order to contribute to the minimum environmental impact of the test, the participants will use the containers located at the refreshment points and strategic points to throw away all the waste generated. ​




The acceptance of these regulations obligatorily implies that the participant authorizes the organization of the event, the total or partial recording of his participation in the same, and that he gives his consent so that his image can be used in the promotion and dissemination of the test, in all possible forms (radio, press, video, photo, internet, posters, media, and social networks) and assigns all rights related to commercial and advertising exploitation that the organization considers opportune to execute, with no right on his part to receive any financial compensation. ​ In accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data, all participant data collected on the registration form will be included in a private file of the organization of the test, with exclusively management and commercial purposes for the collaborating brands. All interested parties may exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition to the use of data by email to: ​




The mere fact of signing up for this test implies the acceptance of these Regulations and the waiver of all rights against the Organization, waiving any legal action that may arise from participation in the test. ​ The organization reserves the right to make appropriate changes, when deemed necessary for any reason, by communicating these changes to the usual means of broadcasting the event. Likewise, the right of admission is reserved.

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